Fusion of Ideas

"We are thrilled to have Fusion of Ideas on-board. This is a company with a great history of creative solutions including laser engraving company logos into electronic devices. Not only do they have a great staff that we enjoy working with, Fusion of Ideas focuses on making a company's identity permanent. We can relate to that as we are trying to permanently make our own mark in the world, one positive experience at a time."

-Don Osmond, brakeman

Fusion of Ideas

Is your company looking for an opportunity to brand it’s logo. Fusion of Ideas offers corporate discounts and can engrave your company logo onto any device. If your company has phones or laptops for it’s employees we can laser engrave the company logo with employees name and any other information for customization and security purposes. We have worked with large and small companies and can offer extremely fast turnaround for your company. We worked with Vans Shoe company and laser engraved 75 iPod touches for their Triple Crown of Surf Event in Hawaii.

We worked with Vans on the design for the iPod and received the iPods from Apple. We were able to do all 75 iPod’s in two days with full body laser etchings on each iPod. We worked on a similar project with Hurley Clothing Company for an event that they hosted. They brought 50 ipods which we engraved in two days. These custom Laser engraved iPods offered their customers an incredible promotional gift that they will surely tell their friends about.

With the opportunity to customize the electronics that you or your employees are using your company will have the opportunity to advertise its logo as well as utilize the laser engraving for security purposes. We have the ability to custom mark each device, if you would like to laser engrave each employees name and employee number we can do a different engraving on each device.

We can customize any device with any design, have your employees make a statement for your company while they are using their company electronic devices. At business meeting while on their company laptop they could be sending a message to potential customers or while on the phone at lunch they could be sending a message to people around them.

We offer the customization and branding opportunity that your company needs. Call to make an appointment so you can get a sample of what your logo would look like engraved on a device.

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Fusion of Ideas
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