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About the Phoenix Bobsled Project


In a nutshell...

How Will the Phoenix be Used?

The two main areas of focus for The Phoenix Bobsled Project will be 1. Outreach, Charity & Educational Events and 2. Athlete Training, Competition & Support

The Phoenix will be used in the most impactful ways possible to leave a lasting impression of hope, inspiration and motivation on and off the ice. The project will participate in outreach events at:

  • General, Childrens‘, Mental and Veterans’ Hospitals
  • Elementary, Junior High and High School Assemblies
  • College and University Appearances & Speeches
  • Business Presentations & Keynote Addresses
  • Community Health Fairs & Historical Celebrations
  • Boys & Girls Club Visits, Boy Scouts & Girls Scouts Events
  • Youth & Adult Correctional Facilities
  • Community Parades & Local Fairs
  • Media Appearances & Photoshoots
  • Fitness Fairs, Marathons/Half-Marathons/5k Appearances
  • Philanthropic Fundraisers & Educational Events
  • Veteran’s & Military-Supportive Events
  • Cancer Research Fundraisers & Other Medical Causes
  • Public Television & Radio Station Fundraisers
  • & Additional Events We Feel are Positive in Nature

The Phoenix will be used to help American bobsled athletes train and compete in this exciting winter event. As one of the most expensive sports in the Olympic arena, bobsled teams need donations and sponsorships to survive and excel.

To that end, The Phoenix Bobsled Project will help American athletes:

  • Train on the ice throughout the sliding season
  • Participate in appropriate competitions
  • Purchase the additional equipment needed to succeed in the sport
  • Practice & develop the skills necessary to succeed in bobsled
  • Cover the costs of training, coaching & competition fees
  • Develop their minds & bodies to excel in the sport & in life
  • Simply put, The Phoenix will help athletes pursue their dreams

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